Invasian Magazine

posted on 12.November 2018

Invasian is an organization with a mission to bring together positive people who love Hip Hop and urban culture. Connecting artists with real talent through various projects globally and spreading knowledge of the scene to those yet unfamiliar with it. Originally formed in 2008 by 3 people with the launch of Invasian Magazine, since 2012 has been owned and operated solely by Friendly with occasional help from a team of friends.


Invasian Magazine is primarily dedicated to the Asian graffiti culture. Corresponding to the rise of graffiti culture in Asia, the magazine covers graffiti scenes in various Asia countries, which includes China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. The magazine covers every local graffiti scene with full color pictures and interviews. Other than graffiti,  also focuses on Asia’s urban cultures and lifestyles. For instance, the magazine covers art exhibitions, music albums, films, fashions, events, sports, products, designs, photography, games, food and more.


The aims of Invasian have never been about commercial benefit but about providing support for Asian urban culture, documentation of the artworks and enabling writers to access the best paint at a good price, to help them achieve high quality pieces. Invasian’s hopes for the future are to build a strong community with positive team mates and partners globally, to get involved please don’t hesitate to contact us.