Digital Calligraffiti is a curated performance aiming at transforming the urban ecosystem into a canvas of expression by bringing together calligraffiti and media art.
The term calligraffiti was firstly used in 2007 by Niels Shoe Meulmann, the famous graffiti artist and initiator of the
calligraffiti ambassadors network. We are expanding this art movement with media technologies by animating the creation of calligraffiti art and displaying it on urban screens and facades.
The participative interactive performance led by calligraffiti artists worldwide invites the audience to freely project their messages & wishes writing on the Infl3ctor interactive table, using the memorial aesthetics of calligraffiti art to catalyse the communication between the unit and the whole, people’s bridge building and promoting diversities as the medium to bring us closer.
In the time lapse of a year the project obtained the following dimension that can be carried out as single events or as series of activities under the same curatorial topic (e.g.
Digital Calligraffiti for Migrating Cultures).

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The participants of the workshop learn how to create and animate calligraffiti tags with their messages.

Real-time composition & projection of calligraffiti tags on big urban facades led by calligraffiti artists usually bringing together 2 cities (networked)

Composing a campaign of messages – tags produced by the co-creation session between artists and participants during the workshops. The campaign is presented on urban screens with high visibility as urban intervention.

By printing the calligraffiti tags on wearable items the project is aiming at transforming each individual into a message-bearer and each item into an artwork with a story.

Initiated in 2017 by Public Art Lab & From Here to Fame Publishing House, the project counts already numerous showcases, travelling overseas from Berlin to Marseille, Beirut, Pakistan and back, working with an expanding network of artists and venues,  shaking to the core our perception of media & street art by raising awareness on flaming political and socio-cultural topics.