CTM Festival – Urban Media Art Campaign for Migrating Cultures

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Digital Calligraffiti for migrating cultures aims at bringing the voices of teenagers living in the refugee camps in Berlin on the urban screens by combining calligraffiti, media art and façades with high visibility, to do so.

The questions during the preparation of the campaign: Where / How is the future that we dreamed of yesterday? What cultural values do we want to preserve from decaying and integrate to the way they live today? What contents do we wish to ‚write beautifully‘, gave birth to meaningful messages, which due to the expressive force of calligraffiti were transformed into groundbreaking tags, with double impact, their meaning and their aesthetics.

Those tags composed a trailer which run for 2 months in collaboration with the Wall Decaux for CTM Festival, at one of the busiest metro station in Berlin U-Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse reaching 70.000 people daily.

The ordinary advertising programme would be interrupted twice an hour and the Wall Decaux screens were transformed into a space for artivism.

More over, the campaigning period was launched with a live Infl3ctor performance as urban intervention in the subway.